City of Woodson Terrace Missouri

 Welcome to the Woodson Terrace Municipal Court Information Page

The Court Clerks will be attending mandatory training on September 27th and October 9th. The court windows and phones will be unavailable on these days.

The Court Clerks will be attending a Court Conference beginning Wednesday Noon, October 16th through Friday end of day, October 18th, 2019.

The Court Windows and Phones will not be available during this time.

All court business will resume on Monday, October 21st at 8:30 a.m.

Please note: The Court Clerks, Court Windows and Court Telephones will not be available to the public as of 3pm on scheduled Court Dates, the government center building will close at 4pm. If you do not appear at the court windows by 3 p.m. with payment on your scheduled payment/court date, then  you appear in court that night.

The Court Building is Located at 4323 Woodson Rd., Woodson Terrace, MO 63134; and can be reached by calling (314) 427-2600 extension 147 or 131. Normal Business Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. On court date, the office will close at 4pm in order to prepare for court.

The Court tries matters such as violations of traffic code, maintenance code and other ordinances; and is held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm, unless the first Wednesday falls on a holiday, in which case the rescheduled date will be posted on our calendar.

Our office is comprised of two clerks; one court administrator and one court clerk. It is our duty to administer, process and operate the day-to-day record keeping functions of the court and the collection of fines and costs assessed by the court.

Some citations/summons that are issued are required Fingerprintable Charges, required under section 43.503.6, RSMo.

If fingerprints are not done at the time the citation/summons is issued the officer may have handed you a notice explaining it is required and MUST be done by the Court Date given on your citation/summons.

Fingerprints are processed at the Woodson Terrace Police Department, 4305 Woodson Rd., Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Please reveiw the Revised Notice of Rights for Defendants Appearing in Municipal Divisions.


We do not grant continuances by phone, you must appear and make that request in court before the judge.

It is our desire to help you as much as possible; however, we cannot give legal advice. The Judge serves on a part-time basis and is not available during regular business hours at City Hall.

Attorney Motions to Withdraw:

1)      Motion to Withdraw the Guilty Plea to the Judge

2)      Motion to Withdraw as Attorney to the Judge
a)      Letter to Client/Defendant notifying a motion has been filed (must include court date).
b)      Notice of Hearing to the Defendant (to include court date)
c)       Please contact the Court Administrator for the Court Date.



You may enter a guilty plea for most minor traffic charges and address the charges in one of three ways:

·         You may plead guilty and pay the fine by mail.

·         Coming to the Court/Violations Bureau window during normal business hours to enter your plea and pay the fine.

·         Coming to the Court on court night.

You may view the Violations Bureau Schedule of Offenses and Fines by clicking here.

Please note the following important information about paying fines:

·         Speeding Violations are not “automatically set up” to pay online and require a call to the court’s office.

·         Case(s) represented by an attorney that have received recommendation are also not “automatically set up” to pay online and request a call to the court office as well.

Municipal Court Fines can be paid online by clicking here, or at City Hall during normal business hours.

You can view your Case Status here.

Please download this document for important information about Municipal Court.  This document includes information on processes & procedures, your rights as a defendant, courtroom rules & payment plans.

 We are closed on the following holidays;

New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
Presidents Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day & following day
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

 For information regarding warrants and disposition none will be given over the phone, you must appear in person with photo id.

Understanding Bonds:

A $100.00 cash bond is posted in person at the W.T. Police Station with either a State License or State ID card to cancel a W.T. Warrant and obtain a Court Date.

Once a bond is posted and a Court Date issued, then the bond may be applied in person on or before (depending upon case disposition) the court date given, at the court building, with State License or State ID. A Bond Consent Form must be filled out.