The City of Woodson Terrace - 4323 Woodson Road Woodson Terrace, MO 63134 Phone: 314-427-2600

Woodson Terrace Comprehensive Plan

The City of Woodson Terrace has compiled a Comprehensive Plan. 

The plan can be found below.  This is a large file, download times will vary.

Comprehensive Plan

Vision and Goals are listed below, or click here for a pdf of the Goals and Objectives Document.


“The City of Woodson Terrace will be a community where small town atmosphere will provide the basis for integrated sustainability and development.”

·                     Distinct and identifiable community

·                     Orderly growth and development

·                     Promote economic & recreational opportunities

·                     High quality shopping & entertainment experiences

·                     Offer diverse (life cycle) housing types

·                     Provide multi-modal transportation options

·                     Environmental stewardship

·                     Attractive and healthy active living environment.


GOAL - Encourage the development of healthy neighborhood and social environments that strengthen the community.


·                     Foster a safe, supportive and optimistic public environment.

·                     Maintain existing properties & neighborhoods.

·                     Provide a variety of housing choices with new development and redevelopment that integrates with existing housing

·                     Coordinate redevelopment proposals with existing neighborhoods and   businesses to enhance property values and neighborhoods.

GOAL - Community development will concentrate on projects that will promote private investment through a collaborative framework for innovative land-use, development and revitalization along the City’s non-residential corridors.


·                     Attract commercial uses that stimulate and enhance existing commercial community.

·                     Create a vibrant business environment improving tax base leading to increased property values and investment potential.

·                     Coordinate planning of land use changes and conditional uses with transportation infrastructure with the development community and residents.

·                     Promote mix of land uses both horizontally and vertically in commercial corridors.

·                     Coordinate community development initiatives with adjacent cities and public entities.

GOAL - Ensure that transportation, public services and utilities are maintained and enhanced to meet the community’s present and future needs.


•       Support Complete Streets and Great Street concepts in redevelopment and public improvement projects.

•       Coordinate transportation improvements with regional entities and adjacent communities.

•       Provide transportation and pedestrian connections from neighborhoods and commercial areas to recreation facilities.

•       Ensure public services and utilities enhance health, safety and well being of residents, businesses and visitors

•       Coordinate public services and utilities with neighboring cities and public entities.

GOAL – Ensure that parks, recreation, and community facilities are maintained and upgraded to enhance the quality of life within the City. 


•       Adequate recreational activities will be provided to meet the needs and preferences of all ages and walks of life.

•       The City will engage the community a solicit input on facilities and activities that will be financed and supported by the city.

GOAL - Enhance the qualities and characteristics that represent a small town and establish the City of Woodson Terrace as a model of sustainable development practices.


•       Create a unique identity that projects a positive image of the Woodson Terrace to the regional community.

•       Implement sustainable Best Management Practices (BMP’s) in developments through policies.

•       Implement sustainable BMP’s in public buildings and infrastructure improvements through policies and providing adequate city resources.