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Gateway Airport Communities Coalition Announcement

June 8, 2023. City of Woodson Terrace, Missouri

Today, at the invitation of the Mayor of the City of Woodson Terrace, 7 municipalities
met and agreed to work as a Coalition to create and advocate for inclusion, equity and
opportunity as part of infrastructure and development planning underway at St. Louis
Lambert Airport and its connections with Interstate 70, arterial roadways and Bi-State
Metrolink stations.

The City(s) of Berkeley, Edmundson, Hazelwood, Kinloch, Overland, St. Ann and
Woodson Terrace, agreed to form a Gateway Airport Communities coalition, to focus on
engaging the voices and visions of municipalities and community stakeholders in
proximity with Lambert Airport to provide input on transportation connectivity to improve
access, linkages, jobs and opportunity.

The group agreed on a shared vision that St. Louis Lambert International Airport is a
central hub from which a vibrant, connected transportation network of Gateway Airport
Community corridors can be supported to welcome and facilitate the flow of commerce
through the larger St. Louis region. Investment in well-planned roads, combined with
innovative multi-modal air and transit alternatives, will remove barriers that impede
community activity, and enhance mobility, quality of life and opportunities for all.

Next steps will be to broaden the coalition and call on local, State and Federal leaders
to “amplify the story” that will ensure local community engagement is part of major
infrastructure investments, anticipated in the Gateway Airport footprint and I-70 corridor.

“We are all part of the Greater St. Louis Region,” stated Woodson Terrace Mayor
Lawrence, “Butch” Besmer, “and we feel pretty strongly that we, too, should share in the
prosperity that flows from these public investments.”

For more information and to schedule an interview, please contact: Laura Madden,
Consultant to City of Woodson Terrace;