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Scholarships Available to Presentation Arts Center

A limited number of scholarships are available to Woodson Terrace residents at Presentation Arts Center. Please contact City Hall if you need a copy of your Occupancy Permit or a letter of residency. Registration is required. Classes forming now for January.

All classes will be held at the Arts Center, 8832 Tudor, Overland, MO 63114

Advanced Acrylics - This class is for the artist with painting experience, but they would like to increase their skills. The images painted from will be more in depth and detailed, applying previously learned techniques. This is an 8 week session of 2 hour classes per week. Thurs. 1/19-3/9/23. 10-12pm

Advanced Drawing - This class is for the artist who wants to take their drawing skills to the next level. Patience and attention to detail will be our goal to create realistic, beautiful finished pieces of mainly still life's & landscapes from photos. We will use chalk pastels and colored pencils along with charcoal & graphite. This is an 8 week session of 2 hour classes per week.

Thurs. 1/19-3/9/23. 1:30pm-3:30pm

Drawing I - The Objective of this course is for the beginning artist to learn all the basics of drawing that will include: Materials needed, Contour Drawing, The 5 Basic Shapes of all drawings, 1 & 2 Point Perspective, Compositional Elements, Proportion & Shading Techniques. Each student receives a Sketchbook & pencil set. This is a 6 week Session of 2 hours classes per week

Weds. 1/18 -2/22/23. 10 -12pm

Mixed Media & Batik - This class is designed for the artist who likes to experiment with many different mediums that include: Pencil, Charcoal, Acrylics, Watercolor, fabrics, findings, ribbons, dried flowers, spray paint, pastels, printed papers, etc., to create one of a kind pieces with texture & interest. You will learn about composition & design in this class. Batik is an Indonesian wax resist dyeing application to cloth which will also be taught in this class. This is an 8 Week Session of 2 hour classes per week.

Tues, 1/17 - 3/7/23. 10-12pm

Pottery - This course is for the beginning artist wanting to explore working with clay. This is all hand work to include pinch pots, slab & coil designs to create beautiful, unique designs all your own. Many beautiful glazes to choose from for your finished artwork. Firing included. This is an 8 week Session of 2 hour classes per week. Weds. 1/18-3/8/23. 10-12pm

We don't have a whole lot more information than this, please call the center at 314-731-6522 or contact Alderman Willey at for more information.

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