The City of Woodson Terrace - 4323 Woodson Road Woodson Terrace, MO 63134 Phone: 314-427-2600




The City of Woodson Terrace, Missouri seeks proposals for the redevelopment of a certain portion (the Redevelopment Area) of the City. The Redevelopment Area consists of the entirety of parcel 12K130021 (10330 Natural Bridge Road) and abutting public roadways.

The Board of Aldermen actively solicits any interested and qualified private party (a Developer) to submit a proposal for the redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area; such proposal must be consistent with the City™s Comprehensive Plan and the City™s Zoning Ordinance.

The primary objective of the City is to create new investment (whether through substantial renovation, or new construction, or both) in a key location at an entryway into the City.  The redevelopment proposed should demonstrate an understanding of the Redevelopment Area's immediate access to Natural Bridge Road and Aerospace Drive, its relationship with adjacent land uses, and its positioning in proximity to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

The City is willing to consider the use of certain public incentives for redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area.  Such incentives may include Chapter 353 Tax Abatement, Transportation Development District, Community Improvement District, and other such programs available for use in Missouri municipalities; the City will not consider the use of Tax Increment Financing for the redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area.

Proposals must be submitted by 3:00 pm January 16, 2023, directed to City Consultant, Mr. Gene Norber, City Hall, 4323 Woodson Road, Woodson Terrace, Missouri 63134.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Norber at 314.231.4720 for further information regarding this Request, and to receive a copy of the Request for Redevelopment Proposals “ Guidelines and Requirements for Submittal of Proposals.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals in its sole and absolute discretion.  The City further reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for failure to meet the requirements contained herein, to waive any technicalities, and to select the proposal, or proposals, which best meets the needs of the City.  This RFP creates no obligation on the part of the City to award a contract or to compensate any bidder for any costs incurred during the proposal presentation, response, submission or interviews.  The City reserves the right to award a contract, or contracts, based on proposals received without further discussion or negotiation.