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Waste Connections Winter Weather Planning


In the event of sub-zero temperatures, dangerous wind chills or large amounts of accumulative snow our management team will make a decision to either delay start of service or suspend service entirely.


Our drivers are typically preparing their day around 5am with most cities having a 6:30 to 7:00 am curfew start time. If management decides to delay our start there will be an anticipated new start time of 8AM or later. This will be communicated to each city first thing that morning via email.


In the event that the drivers safety is at risk, management will then suspend service for that day only unless the reason warrants additional days which will be determined each day thereafter. In the event of one day suspended service the remainder of the week will be treated as a rolling week and each service day will roll through Saturday and be completed. In the event that more than one day is affected,  a determination will be made at that time and emails will be sent to cities with the remainder of the weeks plan.


Our customer service department will add a recorded message regarding the situation for the day. If service is delayed or suspended please ask your residents to download the Waste Connections mobile app to find out your collection schedule. The free app is available for download on Apple and Android devices.


We would ask for each city to post this on the city website and any social media forums to make your residents aware of our plan ahead of time.