The City of Woodson Terrace - 4323 Woodson Road Woodson Terrace, MO 63134 Phone: 314-427-2600

Vector Control -  Mosquitoes are treated with adulticide and larvicide during peak mosquito season. Using ULV (ultra low volume) truck mounted equipment, we treat the entire City once a week with adulticide, and at times of heavy infestation more than once a week. Larvicide is used throughout the cities storm water catch basins, to kill mosquito larvae before they can develop. Doing your part by emptying all your containers holding water for more than a week, keeping gutters clean and dry, and proper swimming pool chemistry, makes the City Program more affective.

The City provides bait box service for rat issues. If you experience or see a rat problem, call City Hall and leave contact info and a detailed account of the incident. Any noted details can aid in solving the problem; times and days you see movement, where they go and come from, is there a pattern to movements?

Once received, the request is reviewed by the Public Works Director and scheduled for Code Enforcement to inspect the area of concern. If it is discovered the property has contributing issues or violations they will not be issued a bait box until the problems are solved. Once solved Code will notify Public Works and an employee will come to the property and decide the best location to place the box.

Common problems that contribute to vector issues outside are: debris, buildings, and slabs, that rats can burrow under for shelter, dog food left outside, dog feces not picked up, bird feeders, broadcasting of food for birds or squirrels, tall vegetation.

Rats need food, water, and shelter, take care of your property so as to not provide any of the three.

Chipping Service - The City provides tree limb chipping services on a set schedule Thursdays, from October 1 – June 30. We have rules to make the chipping process as safe, smooth, and as cost efficient as possible. The entire City is chipped on Thursdays and if needed Friday as well. If you are missed contact City Hall and we will take care of it. The crew will tag any pile that in their judgment does not meet the requirements listed below.  It is not acceptable to have a tree service cut your trees and have the City chip the debris. A responsible tree service should have the proper equipment to do a complete job. It is also unacceptable to allow a non resident to dump limbs from another location at your property to be chipped. 

Limbs should be placed at the curb with the cut ends toward the street; limbs should lay next to and on top of each other in a neat pile, not crisscrossed. This facilitates Public Works being able to pull out one limb at a time to feed the chipper. The only things inserted into the chipper are tree limbs and plant matter, any foreign body mixed in with the limbs can be dangerous to the workers, and can cause damage to the equipment. Pieces of fence wire, metal stakes, lumber, railroad ties, and landscaping timbers are a few examples of foreign objects. Certain soft vines and thorned plants might be rejected due to safety and fouling of the equipment.

If the City declares a storm event during the nonscheduled portion of the year we will chip the resulting debris until the entire City is cleared. A declared storm event will be posted on the Website and the electronic marquee sign at City Hall.

During the normal nonscheduled portion of the year, Waste Connections will pick up your limbs on yard waste day. The plant matter must be bundled and tied. The bundles must be no more than 4 feet long, no more than 24 inches in diameter, and weigh no more than 50 pounds each. No limit on number of bundles  put out.

Snow and Ice Removal - The Public Works Department is equipped and staffed to remove snow and ice from our city's streets. City Ordinance requires that no vehicles be parked on city streets during times of winter storm conditions, or an emergency is declared by the Mayor or the Director of Public Works. During these times, the city allows temporary parking in your yard. Tickets will be issued to those vehicles in violation of this ordinance.

There are different clearing strategies used for each snow episode as each is unique; having streets clear of vehicles gives the crew the most leeway in providing the safest streets and best service. Tip: We have issues each year with P/W trucks covering residents freshly cleared driveways, because the trucks have to make multiple passes. The only strategy I have seen is to clear to the left of your drive in front of your house, you have to do this before the trucks plow while the snow is not as deep. The alternative is to wait until the plows have finished pushing the major portion of the snow then dig out.