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Many residents are going to buy a swimming pool this summer. We see a lot of INTEX pools in yards. Our Ordinance requires a six foot fence with self latching gate, around any pool with a depth of 18 or more inches, as measured from the ground to pool top. You cannot comply by buying a 24” pool and only fill it 18”. A GFCI receptacle installed by a licensed electrician is also required if the pool has an electric pump/filter. If your pool is located under your electric service cables the minimum safe distance between your pools maximum fill of water surface to lowest point of the service cable is 22.5 feet.

As examples of pool types, INTEX makes a variety of inexpensive pools that are sold at many retailers around town. The soft sided Easy Set and the soft sided Metal Frame being two popular models. The soft sided Easy Set pool is what most folks buy due to its cost and ease of set up. It has the ring around the top you air up and fill the pool with water. It has that bulging shape on the sides.  The other type is the Metal Frame pool. It resembles most commercial above ground pools in that it has that familiar shape, but shares the Easy Sets soft sides and relies on the white metal tube framework for support. Of the two, the Metal Frame is the easiest to comply with the Ordinance as aftermarket pool kit fencing can be purchased and installed to the metal framework. The Easy Set on the other hand does not have any way to attach this type of product, if you choose this type of pool and it is over 18” you will be required to put up a 6’ fence as described above.

I use INTEX as examples, there are many pools out there, if in doubt call City Hall to discuss your make/model.

Doug Zaiz

Director, Public Works