The City of Woodson Terrace - 4323 Woodson Road Woodson Terrace, MO 63134 Phone: 314-427-2600

Division Commander: Captain Carbray

The Patrol Division is the largest division in our police department.  Commanded by Captain Carbray, the Patrol Division consist of one (1) Lieutenant, three (3) Sergeants, one (1) Corporal, eight (8) Police Officers, and K-9 Diesel.  Officers patrol the City of Woodson Terrace 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding to most calls for service. The police department responds to approximately 4,000 calls for service annually.

Officers are divided into four 12-hour shifts. Individual shifts are managed by either a sergeant or a corporal.

The City of Woodson Terrace is divided into two geographical areas called sectors. The watch commander will assign officers to each sector. When officers are assigned to particular areas of the city, it provides blanket coverage and enhances quicker response times. It also allows officers to quickly respond to other areas as needed. The patrol division prides itself on providing a quick response and serving the community.

Every officer assigned to the Patrol Division utilizes a marked police car - either fully marked or partially marked. This higher visibility of police presence in the community helps make it less likely criminal activity will occur.  Each officer, including their supervisor's are equipped with body cameras and all the tools needed to protect the community and their self's.

Contact an Officer

  • Captain Carbray, DSN 102:     

  • Lieutenant: Wactor, DSN 106:

  • Sergeant Forir, DSN 63:                 

  • Sergeant Thomas, DSN 94:    

  • Sergeant Brown, DSN 110:          

  • Sergeant Schaffer, DSN 114:

  • Officer Gregg, DSN 105:             

  • Officer Haller, DSN 116:                

  • Officer Strode, DSN 118:                    

  • Officer Nacoste-Davis, DSN 119:                 

  • Officer Genovese, DSN 124:

  • Officer Aston, DSN 125:  

  • Officer Preston, DSN 127: