The City of Woodson Terrace - 4323 Woodson Road Woodson Terrace, MO 63134 Phone: 314-427-2600

The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed by two detectives and supervised by Lieutenant Wactor.  They are responsible for general investigations including property crimes and crimes against persons generated by the patrol division.  The division is also responsible for major crime scene management, all crime scene processing, intelligence information management, and personnel background investigations.

Additionally, all commissioned members of the division serve as active members of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad and are detached on occasion to serve as homicide investigators during the investigation of high profile murders in other area cities.

When should I contact a Detective?

  • When you have questions about the status of a case that is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section.

  • When you have new or additional information about a case assigned to the Criminal Investigation Section, which has already been reported to the Police Department.

  • When you are looking for advice on matters which may be criminal in nature.

CID Personnel:

  • Lieutenant Wactor, DSN 106                                EMAIL:

  • Detective Anton, DSN 113                                       DESK: 314-696-1665                                                EMAIL:

  • Detective Steinhauer, DSN 104                                DESK: 314-696-1664                                                EMAIL:

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Did you know the Woodson Terrace Police Department has an anonymous tip line?

To submit an anonymous tip, call: 314-696-1653 or email: