City of Woodson Terrace Missouri

Prosecutor’s Office


Sarah Vatterott
Woodson Terrace Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
4323 Woodson Road
Woodson Terrace, MO 63134
Telephone (314) 427-2600
Fax (314) 427-0571


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Entry of Appearance

For all tickets issued BEFORE January 27, 2020, a separate Entry of Appearance must be filed with the Prosecutor’s Office. The Court will not forward documents intended for the Prosecutor’s Office.

For all tickets issued AFTER January 28, 2020, your Entry of Appearance must be filed electronically via Casenet.

Attorneys must include their Email Address on the Entry of Appearance as well as a Certificate of Service indicating the date that the Entry of Appearance was mailed, faxed or filed electronically via Casenet.


Request for Recommendation and Discovery

For all tickets, a separate Request for Recommendation must be filed with the Prosecutor’s Office via mail, fax or email along with a copy of the Entry of Appearance as filed and a self-addressed stamped envelope if requesting by mail.  Do NOT file Requests for Recommendations via Casenet.

A Driving Record must accompany the Request for Recommendation for the following charges:

·         DWI

·         Driving While Suspended or Revoked

·         No State Operator’s License

·         No Proof of Insurance

·         Speeding 20+ MPH over the speed limit

·         Any violation involving a traffic accident.

Any documentation that would assist the Prosecutor in making a Recommendation, i.e. proof of registration, reinstatement, compliance, etc., should also be included.

If a defendant has been charged with No Proof of Insurance, a copy of the defendant’s current insurance or insurance at the time of the ticket must be provided.

If Discovery is requested, a separate written request must be filed with the Prosecutor’s Office.



A Recommendation will be issued with two dates. The first date is the deadline for returning the Recommendation signed by both the defendant and the attorney to the Court. The second date is the deadline for payment of fines and court costs in full. Do NOT file signed Recommendations via Casenet.

If a defendant needs additional time to return the signed Recommendation or make payment in full or set a payment plan, a Motion for Continuance must be filed with the Court. The Prosecutor’s Office is not permitted to grant continuances or authorize payment plans.  

Failure to return the signed Recommendation and pay the fines and court costs in full by the due dates constitutes a rejection of the Recommendation and the Recommendation may be withdrawn by the Prosecutor.

Release of Lieu of Bail Holds and Compliance Letters will not be issued until all requirements of the Recommendation are satisfied – signed, payment in full and/or compliance documents provided.


Attorney Call

Until in-person proceedings resume, the Prosecuting Attorney will generally be available for Attorney Call between 3:00pm and 4:00pm or 4:00pm and 5:00pm on Court nights via Zoom. Exact times/dates and login instructions will be provided to attorneys via email.