City of Woodson Terrace Missouri

Vector Activity

There has been an increase in vector activity this summer and fall.  After speaking to several sources,  it seems the following THREE reasons could account for the uptick in rodents.



1)      There are several thousand more people working from home, leading to more waste, leading to increased food sources.

2)      Demolition work at the Airport. Just across Highway 70, new gas mains are going in. This is causing normal rodent routes to be capped/and or disturbed.

3)      Sewer smoking.  Several times a year MSD contracts with local engineering firms to look for cracks and faults in the sewer systems.  This includes pumping non-toxic smoke into the sewer mains to look for seepage.  This also drivers rodents to higher ground.


We are currently obtaining more traps.  If you see activity please report to City Hall during business hours (8:30-4:30 M=F). We will check the area to see if its already baited, and if not, set out some boxes.


If you do encounter rodent dens, fill with gravel.  Keep trashcan lids tight.

You may also obtain your own pest control items or services.