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Now Hiring - Police Officer

The City of Woodson Terrace is currently seeking applicants to serve as Police Officers.



Noise Complaints - Lambert International Airport

We’ve had several complaints regarding low flying aircraft across Woodson Terrace. The City reached out and we have learned that there is construction/repairs being done on the eastern-most runway, causing this increase in traffic. This will revert back after construction is done; however, it could change again in the future.

If you’d like to be on the record regarding this, please use the contact information below.

Noise Complaint Hot Line: 

Coldwater Creek Physician Blast

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Toxic Substances and disease Registry has released a public health assessment indicating that historical radiological contamination in and around Coldwater Creek in St. Louis County could have increased the risk of some types of cancer in people who have played or lived in and around the creek. A summary of the results of this report for healthcare providers is included, as well as contact information if you need support in caring for patients with a history of exposure.

Summary of Results

2020 Missouri State Plan on Aging

The Division is seeking public input for the 2020 Missouri State Plan on Aging four-year plan as required by the Administration for Community Living.  The Plan is available for comment through April 22, 2019 and can be found at:  Please submit any comments to

Illicit Discharge

If you believe you have or have information on illicit discharge please contact Doug Zaiz or Ellie Crane at Woodson Terrace City Hall, 314-427-2600.

How to spot an illicit discharge.

Service Hours - Scheduled Court Dates

The Court Clerks, Court Windows and Court Telephones will not be available to the public as of 3pm on scheduled Court Dates, the government center building will close at 4pm. If you do not appear at the court windows by 3 p.m. with payment on your scheduled payment/court date, then  you appear in court that night.

Recycling 101

Are you curious about recycling?

Do you think it’s too hard, or takes too much of a commitment?

Did you know that you can recycle pizza boxes and paper plates as long as they don’t have grease or food residue spots bigger than your hand?


Recycling is now easier than ever with these great tips. 


Recycle beyond the bin, a database of places that will take specific items by zip code:


Empty.Clean.Dry. Keeping recyclables free of liquid and food:


Republic Services has a wide array of recycling information videos.

Check out their channel for more information.


Close the Loop by purchasing recycled goods: Search by Zip code


Ready for more? Keep reading at the following websites.

Printable PDFs for your home or office.

St. Louis County Home Improvement Program

Saint Louis County Government’s Home Improvement Program is offering a forgivable loan for up to $5,000 in home repairs for eligible homeowners at NO COST. Eligible items include concrete/asphalt/masonry, tuck-pointing, roofing, tree trimming/removal, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning,foundation work, and more.  To apply, please call 314-615-8232.

Program Details

ADA Transition Plan

The City of Woodson Terrace is in the process of compiling an ADA Transisiton Plan.  The City of Woodson Terrace invites the public to become involved in this program through written comments or by attending the City board meeting, held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at 4323 Woodson Road.

Public Announcement

Lead Paint Hazard Control

If you are concerned about the dangers of lead paint in your home, please see the attached flyer from St. Louis County for information on no-cost repairs that can help protect your children or grandchildren.

St. Louis County Lead-Based Paint Program