City of Woodson Terrace Missouri

City News and Announcements

Municipal Court Change

Municipal Court for September 2017 has been rescheduled for September 13th.

St. Louis County Forgivable Loan Program

St. Louis County Government’s Home Improvement Program is offering a forgivable loan for up to $5,000 in home repairs for eligible homeowners at NO COST.


Eligible items include concrete/asphalt/ masonry, tuck-pointing, roofing, tree trimming/removal, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, foundation work, and more. We are currently seeking participants in Woodson Terrace for this program.  Please click here for more information.

Ward 2 Alderman Appointed

Please welcome longtime resident Robert Welby as Alderman Ward 2.

He was appointed Thursday May18 after a lengthy search. He will serve as Alderman until the next election in April 2018.

Chipping Service


·         Starts this Tuesday the 23rd, daily, unless rain, until finished.

·         Place limbs cut/broken ends to curb, 6” diameter maximum, as neat as possible.

·         Any limbs/trees  larger should be handled by a tree company to clear all debris from property.

St. Louis County Parks Open Houses

St. Louis County Parks and Recreation will host a series of Open Houses later this month to involve the public in the data analysis phase of its Master Plan.  At the meeting, members of the planning team will present data regarding the condition of parks facilities as well as results of a public opinion survey conducted with County residents this winter.  Public input continues to be a focus of the planning effort. The public will have opportunities to interact with the project team and will be asked to share their ideas for what factors are most important in determining Parks priorities. 


Open Houses will take place on May 23 at the St. Louis Carousel Meeting Room at Faust Park, May 25 at the Pavilion at Lemay and May 31at North County Recreation Complex.  All Open Houses will be from 4-8 p.m. with presentations to take place at 5:30 and 6:30.  Attendees can come and go anytime during the four-hour open houses. Full details regarding times and locations can be found at

Woodson Terrace Municipal Court Hours of Operation

Woodson Terrace Municipal Court will be open 8:30-4:30Monday – Thursday, June 1- Aug 31.

The Court windows will be closed on Fridays. You can make payments electronically with case number at

Day Camp Update

Dates for camp are: June 5 - July 14

Residents can begin registration May 1.

Non Residents May 15th



Price     $50.00 per resident child

           $75.00 per resident family

           $190.00 per non-resident child


$25 activity fee will be required for each child. 


Tribute to Alderman Blatt

Please take a look at this tribute to Alderman Blatt from the latest newsletter.

Lead Paint Hazard Control

If you are concerned about the dangers of lead paint in your home, please see the attached flyer from St. Louis County for information on no-cost repairs that can help protect your children or grandchildren.

St. Louis County Lead-Based Paint Program

No Cost Home Improvement - St. Louis County

Saint Louis County’s Home Improvement Program is offering up to $5,000 in home repairs for eligible homeowners at NO COST.  Eligible items include roofing; electrical; plumbing; heating; air-conditioning; hot water heater; tuck-pointing; hand railing installation; concrete, asphalt, masonry; tree trimming or removal; and foundation work.

To be eligible: You must own and live in your home, your property taxes must be current, you cannot have participated in the program previously, and your total household’s taxable income must be within the Adjusted Gross Income Limits for 2016:

Family of 1- Less than $39,400                       Family of 5- Less than $60,750

Family of 2- Less than $45,000                       Family of 6- Less than $65,250

Family of 3- Less than $50,650                       Family of 7- Less than $69,750

Family of 4- Less than $56,250                       Family of 8- Less than $74,250

The Home Improvement Program is federally funded and operates through St. Louis County’s Department of Planning in conjunction with county municipal representatives.


To apply, please call 314-615-8232.  Press “1” to hear the areas for which the program is currently accepting applications.  If you do not hear your area on this list, the program cannot accept an application at this time.  Follow the prompts on the menu to leave a message if you believe you are an eligible resident living in one of the listed municipalities.   Funding availability is limited so please act swiftly!