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Welcome to the “Senior Activities Update” of the Woodson Terrace Newsletter ... the Seniors Group continues to flourish ... we’re  having fun & yes Mayor as you say following my report @ the Board of Aldermen Meetings, “you’re having way too much fun”.  That’s a good thing & maybe more fun than archery!  Hmmm!  Friendships continue to blossom as Seniors meet up with someone down the street, an acquaintance she/he haven’t seen or “touched base” with for a while, etc.  I always enjoy hearing those stories!  Before beginning this article I glanced @ my data base & see we’ve seen 7 “new faces” since last newsletter & I sure like that.

A quick reminder of when the WT Seniors meet & then I’ll update you beginning with September!  We always meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM @ the (old) WT Community Center (9351 Guthrie Avenue) except for the month of November when the Seniors do a day trip via Mid-American Motor Coach including having lunch during the “outing”.  Lunch is provided free of charge to WT Resident Seniors age 60+ for not only the annual “outing” but @ the monthly “Senior Activities” as well.  The only requirement is an RSVP to WT City Hall (314/427-2600) by 3:45 PM the Monday before the Thursday meeting so I have an accurate count for ordering lunch.  Lunch is ordered from a Woodson Terrace restaurant/caterer ... usually Home Style Catering.  Monthly meeting activities include acknowledging & “gifting” that month’s birthdays, 6 attendance prizes, a short business meeting along with input of events, etc. the Seniors may wish to share, & a member of the WT Police Dept. updating the Seniors on a variety of subjects as well as answering questions and/or concerns of the Seniors.  We do a variety of “activities” as you will see in the recap below.  A flyer detailing the upcoming month’s program/activity is distributed at the meeting, is available at City Hall, & is posted on the City’s web site (  Please don’t forget to RSVP though to WT City Hall or if you wish, you may call or Email me (  My contact info is listed along with the WT City Officials in the newsletter.

Beginning w/September ... I was on vacation @ September’s meeting date & several WT Seniors volunteered to orchestrate & oversee the meeting ... Joyce Earl covered the before lunch time with a lady from C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs providing suggestions & tips on training & educating dogs & after lunch Julia Rice led the group in Trivia games.  Mary Carroll oversaw selecting & ordering lunch.  Thank You so much Ladies!  October’s meeting was BINGO.  In November 40 of us traveled via Mid-American Motor Coach to Collinsville, IL for lunch with a stop @ Russell Stover’s Candy Outlet in Fairview Heights.  On the journey to Russell Stover’s our driver took us on an in depth tour of St. Louis City points of interest ... quite informative, enjoyable & something most of us just don’t get in a vehicle & do.  Lunch was @ Ravanelli’s in Collinsville, IL.  It was a fun day & the weather was beautiful.  December was the Seniors Christmas Party & what a fun time it was ... I think we all know the lyrics to “The 12 Days of Christmas” ... right Elmer!  Several WT Officials attended, had lunch with us, & joined in the festivities including Mayor Besmer, City Administrative Assistant John Conlon, Director of Public Works Doug Zaiz, Police Chief “Butch” Mayberry, Police Captain Randy Halstead, etc.  We had a delicious lunch planned by the Seniors @ October’s meeting, sang a variety of Christmas carols led by WT Resident Senior Elmer Rice, & everyone received 3 or 4 trivial Christmas gifts.  January’s meeting featured Kathryn “KJ” Jones, President of Lambert Airport Rotary, who assisted & addressed concerns of those having Ipads ... Seniors interested & having Ipads were asked to bring their IPad with them to the meeting & “KJ” helped them understand more of their device & navigating thru their concerns.  We separated into 2 groups & those not with “KJ” played BINGO.  February’s Meeting featured WT Police Chief Mayberry & Detective Freant addressing the Seniors on a variety of scams, ways identity theft can happen, etc., etc.  Several handouts were distributed including a booklet entitled Identity Theft filled with explaining identity theft ... signs of how scammers obtain identity theft & tips to avoid scams, cyber threats, etc.  This booklet was filled with so much helpful info. & for those not @ February’s Meeting, I have some & can get more ... thanks Chief!  Following lunch, Community Fire Protection District Chief Chuck Coyne & WT Resident Senior & CFPD Board Member & Treasurer Don Doerr distributed several handouts including “Be Fire Safe in the Kitchen”, “Be Fire Safe with Electricity”, & “Heating/Safety Tips” ... things we all may inadvertently do.  Their presentation included CFPD’s Health & Fire Safety booklet which was distributed & covered page by page in their presentation.  From the comments following the meeting & phone calls received, I think February’s Meeting was one of the most educational & informative meetings we’ve ever had.  Thank You Chief Mayberry, Detective Freant, Chief Coyne, & Don Doerr!

The 2017 Senior Resource Guide published by The St. Louis Times was distributed @ February’s meeting.  This annual publication is a most valuable source of info. of organizations, programs, etc. geared towards Seniors & has contact numbers too.  The book is approx. 300 pages & is indexed for easy accessibility.

2017 future activities include “Brain Games” & BINGO in March, April is our 4th annual WT Cindy’s Adult Day Care guests & we’ll have punch & my homemade oatmeal cookies with them while playing BINGO, May is playing the “regifting” game, June is the WT Police Wives Group, July is our 4th annual visit from the WT Day Campers & they will be serving & having cookies with us along with presenting a program & “calling” BINGO + a “camper” or two joining each Senior during the BINGO ... always a fun time!  The rest of 2017 is scheduled & more on those activities in the next newsletter.   Also, please mark your calendar that June 24th (Saturday) is the Seniors 4th annual garage sale.

And a big “thank you” to Linda & Rich Lefebvre for their donation of acquired “freebies” of which all of the March 9th games will be gifts they have donated ... I made a list of the 40 gifts I had from Linda & Rich ... did not wrap them though so the winners could see & pick.  And I can’t forget thanking our very own WT Resident Senior Fran Carney who does an outstanding job @ calling BINGO.

I am so honored & proud to oversee this wonderful group” & in October, we’ll be 7 years.

Please feel free to call me with any questions and/or comments!


Rita Martin


WT Senior Activities Director/WT Ward 1 Alderman