City of Woodson Terrace Missouri


With spring and summer just around the corner, neighborhoods and streets will be filled with children riding bicycles and enjoying outside activities.

I encourage parents to discuss, with their children, the dangers of playing in or near streets and the importance of respecting the dangers of moving vehicles.

If you have a concern about your neighborhood or a continuous traffic problem please contact your police department.

Your Woodson Terrace Police Officers are very proactive when it comes to enforcement of traffic violations and making sure all neighborhoods and streets are safe for our residents.

I have instructed officers to be vigilant when patrolling the neighborhoods, documenting and enforcing our derelict auto ordinance.  If you’re unsure about being in violation, please contact your police department and an officer will stop by and answer your question or concern.

For our residents who leave their homes vacant during vacation your police department offers vacation checks in your absence. For more information please call Fran or Karen at the police department.

In closing, during picture day at the police department we had fun with K-9 Bart. Thought everyone might enjoy this photo.

Have a safe and wonderful summer.

C. V. (Butch) Mayberry
Chief of Police


As efforts once again become focused on landscaping projects around your yard, please remain aware of your surroundings. Leaving expensive tools outside unattended could invite the potential for our residents to become victims. If you’re in the backyard for any length of time, secure your front door and garage area.  Stay mindful of your neighborhood. Report ANY suspicious activity to the police department. Together we can make this a wonderful and safe spring for you, your family, and our community.

Randy Halstead
Assistant Chief of Police

Detectives would like to remind all residence that bad guys do not take a summer break. Identity theft, scammers, burglars and other types of crime can increase due to opportunities presented during the summer months.

With tax season in full swing, we have seen an increase in fraud cases involving tax returns. If you receive a check in the mail, yet you did not complete your taxes yet, please contact your local authorities. 

A type of fraud commonly used over the phone is called a “Phishing” scam. These are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers. If you are contacted by the IRS, your cell phone provider, utility company, television provider, or any other company you do business with, they WILL NOT ask for your personal information. They only time any of these companies WILL ask for your information is if YOU CONTACT THEM and attempt to access your account.

If you are going out of town, please take the following steps,

1.      Inform the Police Department of the dates you will be out of town - This allows us to identify suspicious activity at your residence while you are away. If we know who should or shouldn’t be there, then we can help prevent you from becoming a victim of various crimes.

2.      Stop your mail/newspaper - Identity thieves, scam artist and other bad guys will watch for homes with excessive newspapers in the yard or a large amount of mail in the mailbox. Identity thieves can obtain valuable information from your mail while burglars see your home is unoccupied, thus a perfect target for daytime or nighttime burglary.

3.      Have someone check on your home – If possible, have a trusted friend of family occasionally stop by and walk through your home while you’re away. This will give the appearance that someone is occupying the residence and thus reduces your chances of becoming a victim.


A vigilant and well informed community is a Police Departments greatest tool when it comes to crime prevention.



Detective Scott Freant