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This is a good time to explain what Woodson Terrace Neighborhood Watch Is and Is Not. We are expanding and would like to welcome two members from our own Woodson Terrace Police in joining us. We are also looking forward to having our own website in the near future. We would like you to become involved and be a member of our Woodson Terrace Neighborhood Watch. Please contact me to join. We are always happy to welcome members. Your involvement shows you care.   Help yourself and your neighbors’ in our great City of Woodson Terrace. Get involved. Thank you!!

CRIME or the FEAR of CRIME: Provides the motivation for residents to become better informed on how to protect themselves and their property and helps to discourage crime and reduce fear in their neighborhood. Woodson Terrace Neighborhood Watch Program instructs you on basic crime prevention measures to safeguard you, your home and valuables and in being vigilant and in recognizing suspicious activity. It helps neighbors to allow for a more timely exchange of their information.

OLD ADAGE of “BROTHER’S KEEPERS”: Getting back to this old adage of being our “Brother’s keepers”; means neighbors watching out for their own neighbors. Neighbors are asked to be the eyes and ears in helping our Woodson Terrace Police in apprehending criminals who come into their neighborhoods to perform any kind of crime or to make anyone feel unsafe. Crime Watch is not designed to substitute for Police protection. Rather it is an extension in assisting our Woodson Terrace Police in making neighborhoods safe for all of our residents.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:  Is a Community Policing Partnership Program and operates under two (2) principles. 1st. When our neighbors get to know and watch out for each other, they watch out for each other’s property as though it was their own. 2nd. Neighborhood Watch helps to create an identity within the Woodson Terrace neighborhood in which they each live. In turn this builds their own sense of pride and belonging for participants and neighbors. It forges bonds among residents and improves residents and Police relations. It can address other issues and concerns like child safety, youth development, senior resident’s welfare, and their quality of life.

The MEMBERS and PARTICIPANTS: Make their Woodson Terrace neighborhood a safer place to live by adopting a more observant and active attitude and, as a result, they become more aware of strange cars, persons, or circumstances. This helps our neighborhood to be a safer environment. This usually will not take a lot of time and soon will develop into a daily habit of becoming more aware of what is going on in our neighborhood. Woodson Terrace Police do an outstanding job and with our help they are encouraged that our residents are helping them.



It IS NOT a vigilante force or an organization that works outside the structure of the Woodson Terrace Police Department.

It IS NOT a program where members take personal risk to deter crime. Members report crimes in progress, they NEVER INTERVENE.

The program DOES NOT guarantee that crime will never happen in your neighborhood.

It does help to deter it, if the program is worked as a community resident and police partnership correctly.

IDENTIFICATION TOOL: Reminder: If you would like to check out our Neighborhood Watch Metal Pen I.D. Tool for identifying any personal items you may have with your own unique I.D., please contact me at the phone number below. It is “FREE”, but you have to return it. It is checked out similar to a library. You check it out for a period of time; then you return it in the same condition as you borrowed it. Some peopleuse it to I.D. their electronic equipment, lawnmowers, bicycles, tools, etc.


2017 Woodson Terrace Neighborhood Watch MEETING DATES


** If you work and want to come in a little later, please come anyway**

Location: Old Community Center at 9351 Guthrie, Woodson Terrace


Wednesday                 April 26, 2017

Wednesday                 May 24, 2017

Wednesday                 June 28, 2017

Wednesday                 July 26, 2017

Wednesday                 August 23, 2017

Wednesday                 September 27, 2017

Wednesday                 October 25, 2017

Wednesday                 November 22, 2017

Caroline Martin, Woodson Terrace Neighborhood Watch Coordinator