City of Woodson Terrace Missouri


We are still trying to get the new Community Center together so we can have a Grand Opening.  The things no one thinks about (especially me) before we can open are waxing the floors, getting our furniture and equipment etc.  Soon I hope we will have everything completed.  Keep an eye on the moving sign in front of City Hall for information on the grand opening.  We are excited about the different types of programs and events we can hold for our residents.

With the new community center come new rules about what can be done and what cannot.  We have adopted our rules from the Community Centers in our area.  For those of you who have used the smaller community center things will change for both buildings.  We had to look at it from a legal standpoint because of its size and the possibility of many people together at one event.

We have an ordinance that says you cannot have a trailer of any kind parked in your driveway unless it is behind the building line.  That said, the ordinance also forbids parking the trailer legally with it full of junk or personal items.  Trailer also must be parked on a paved surface.  Sticking bricks etc. under your trailer wheels is a violation.  You also cannot park a trailer of any kind on the street.  Commercial vehicles must be parked in your driveway they cannot be parked on our streets.

The homes are by law residential.  Those of you who are running a business out of your home, please understand that storing of items and materials used or collected on your daily jobs are not allowed at your home.  A business is a commercial undertaking and these homes are zoned residential.  If you do this you will be ticketed.  Your neighbors expect to live in a residential setting not a commercial one.


I do not like to write things in my articles that call out our residents but sometimes it is necessary.  


Lawrence “Butch” Besmer